my mission

Consultant and teacher in biodinamic agriculture, specialized in viticulture and enology.
Biodynamic agriculture in my opinion it’s a practical method which allows to obtain more fertile grounds, healthier plants, food and wine as much closest to a correct evolution of the human thought.
I have gained many different experiences all around the world as a consultant and as a teacher in biodinamic agriculture; more and more I take care of vineyards and of the wine itself.

professional experience

In 2000, at the beginning of my professional history, I worked internally as an agronomist in chief in two tuscan farms, La Massa and Castello dei Rampolla, registered in the Chianti Classico trademark.
In Castello dei Rampolla I have had the chance of fully realising the biodinamic management of a 60 ha farm through different cultivations as the vinyard, the cereals and the grazing.
Since 10 years I exclusively dedicate myself to the consulting for biodinamic farms in many different regions of Italy such as Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardia, Friuli, Campania etc.
Since 6 years I’m managing the most important conversion into bidinamic viticulture in Italy:
a farm with 185 ha of vineyard (Avignonesi, Tuscany).
I also take care of international projects, mostly in France and Spain.
All these projects dedicated to convert or maintain farms in biodinamic agriculture or vituculture are very different to each other in terms of dimensions, coltivation organization and geographic position.
I also teach biodinamic agricultures methods in different universities belonging to Firenze and Padova Athenaeum and in different associations dedicated to the diffusion of the principles of the biodinamic agriculture.
I have given and I currently give lectures in many european countries such as France, Germany, Swiss, Serbia, Spain.
Moreover in summer 2016, for the first time, a cicle of conferences in the US has been planned.
For what concern the editorial side, I regularly write articles for specialized magazines, and I’m the official traslator and curator of the full Pierre Masson’s production for the Italian market.


I have earned a five years degree in Agrarian Science and Technologies at the University of Padova in 2001 with full marks and honour, with a specialization in Viticulture and Enology at ENSAM University of Montpellier between 2000 and 2001.
During my university path I collaborated for different research projects in ecologic viticulture for the central headquarter of CRA school in Conegliano (TV). I have followed courses and trainings in biodinamic agriculture in India (Basil Academy), France (Biodynamie services), New Zealand, Australia.
Especially in India and New Zealand I have spent longterm stays to deepen both my education and experience in the biodinamic sector.


  • Biodynamic consulting to convert and manage farms applying the biodynamic farming principles
  • Coordinating and managing all work group relationships among the farmers and wine growers who seek to be brought together
  • Training courses, practice and theory, for farm businesses, on themes related to farming, oenology and biodynamic wine growing
  • Technical Director of the Institute of Applied Agroecology (ideaa)